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Domain Price List

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COM RM 45 RM 45 RM 45 1-10 yrs 15 days 90 days
NET RM 45 RM 45 RM 45 1-10 yrs 15 days 90 days
ORG RM 45 RM 45 RM 45 1-10 yrs 15 days 90 days
BIZ RM 45 RM 45 RM 45 1-10 yrs 15 days 90 days
INFO RM 44 RM 44 RM 44 1-10 yrs 15 days 90 days
ASIA RM 95 RM 95 RM 95 1-5 yrs 15 days 60 days
COM.MY RM 80 RM 80 RM 80 1-5 yrs 15 days 60 days
MY RM 120 RM 120 RM 120 1-5 yrs 15 days 60 days

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RM 400

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Domain Names FAQ

Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name represents about a dozen IP addresses for that names. Domain names is more easy to remember than IP Address.

Within 3-14 days after the domain name expires the domain name will be removed from the name servers (DNS) which will interrupt any services such as Email, Website hosting, or URL Forwarding. For certain registries, approximately 30 days after the domain name expires it will enter into a redemption period for approximately 60 days

Yes you can, but our suggest you better get hosting and domain at the same times, it more easy to manage and use.

Each registrar has the flexibility to offer initial and renewal registrations in one-year increments, with a total registration period limit of ten years.

ICANN is the new non-profit corporation that is assuming responsibility from the U.S. Government for coordinating certain Internet technical functions, including the management of Internet domain name system. More information about ICANN can be found at